There are a couple of up-coming events to mark on your calendar:

Forty Oaks opening, April 30th 2012

Forty Oaks is a significant new community centre and affordable-housing complex in downtown Toronto. On April 30th there will be a formal opening ceremony which will include the unveiling of a major bas-relief that I have in the works. It's a large bronze "recognition wall", nine feet tall and six feet wide, right at the entrance to the building.

More information and pictures to follow.

A new show at the Gibson Centre in Alliston, May 5th – 24th 2012

The show will be in a beautiful arts centre not far from my farm. It will feature a new collection that I call "Scale without Mass". They are large-scale geometric works, up to twenty feet high, assembled using modular cubes made of steel mesh, balanced apparently precariously on their corners. Walk by, and the design appears to change, as the see-through structure reveals new geometric forms.

Again, more info and pictures will be here soon.