I was born in London, England, in 1941. I'm a graduate of the University of Bristol and the Harvard Business School. I moved to Toronto in 1967 to start a career in marketing, general management and strategy consulting for multinational consumer-product companies, before becoming a sculptor.

I first developed an interest in sculpture while still a student, after seeing large-scale bronzes by Rodin, Lachaise and Matisse at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. However, this interest was largely suppressed while I pursued my career in business and spent my spare time playing recreational sports.

In 1996 I built a studio at my farm in the Mulmur Hills, about 100kms north of Toronto, to start taking sculpture seriously. I continued my consulting work, but the balance shifted inexorably and then totally in favour of sculpture. I now spend my summers carving stone outside, and work with other materials in the studio during the colder months.

My work is in private collections in such widely dispersed places as Athens, London, Mexico and New York, as well as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, and several pieces are in corporate collections. I also have large-scale works installed in the Odette Sculpture Park in Windsor, Ontario, in the village of Creemore, and at the London School of Economics.